How did Procure4Peace start?

After taking a stand against the actions of Putin in Ukraine on LinkedIn, CEO of Sievo, Sammeli Sammalkorpi, was asked what he and other procurement people could do to help.

There are two key challenges:

1) collecting the supplies needed

2) transporting the supplies (especially to Poland where the relief is located)

Sammeli then started reaching out to his network of procurement and supply chain professionals. Together with the Ukrainian Association in Finland, supplies were quickly transported to Poland free of charge.

The focus then quickly expanded to how the Global Procurement community could help.

Global procurement professionals have extra inventory, supply chain channels, and sourcing talent which can be mobilized to help Ukraine. Procure4Peace hopes to connect those looking to help with the real needs in Ukraine.

Read more about the purpose in this CIPS article: HERE.

Who is involved?

Several procurement professionals have stepped forward from around the world to help, including Practitioners, Educators, and Volunteers.

This site is maintained by Sievo, Procuretech, and a growing number of volunteers. We are not affiliated with any NGO.

Procurement professionals and educators in Ukraine are also involved, who are coordinating information, needs, and information.

What’s the goal of Procure4Peace?

We are focused on two goals:

  1. To mobilize the global procurement community and put efforts in-sync with global NGOs
  2. To connect with the Ukrainian procurement community to understand what is needed

Procure4Peace.org enables the global procurement community to source and supply the needed help to Ukraine.

At the same time, we help the global procurement community navigate through the procurement and supply chain challenges around the situation of Ukraine.

We do this together with procurement individuals who have (extensive) knowledge and global connections & procurement professionals located in Ukraine.

Procure4Peace is the bridge between Ukraine and the global procurement community. We aim to connect procurement professionals to the needed help in Ukraine by sharing relevant and reliable sources of information – such as lists of necessary goods & services as well as references to whitepapers and events.

Who can I contact if I have helpful resources?

Share on Social media and tag posts #procure4peace

Follow Procure4Peace on LinkedIn and share it within your network.

If you have any information and/resources to provide direct help, please email [email protected]

Are we accepting donations?

No, we focus on connecting the procurement community and Ukraine. However, there are many other organizations helping Ukraine that accepts money. For example:

  • Come Back Alive is the largest foundation providing support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They are a nongovernmental organization that also supports training, psychological assistance, medical help, and other projects.
  • International Committee of the Red Cross is responding to urgent humanitarian needs. ICRC water engineers and doctors aim to help more than 3 million people access clean water and improve the living conditions of more than 66,000 whose homes have been damaged by heavy fighting.
  • United Help Ukraine is a charitable non-profit organization that focuses on Medical Supplies, Humanitarian Aid, Wounded Warrior, and Raising Awareness around the situation in Ukraine.