The bridge between Ukraine & the procurement community. is a 100% volunteer based and a not-for-profit initiative.

We enable the global procurement community to source and supply the needed help to Ukraine.

At the same time, we help the global procurement community navigate through the procurement and supply chain challenges around the situation of Ukraine.

We do this together with procurement individuals who have (extensive) knowledge and global connections & procurement professionals located in Ukraine.

We aim to connect procurement professionals to the needed help in Ukraine by sharing relevant and reliable sources of information – such as lists of necessary goods & services as well as references to whitepapers and events.

How can I help Ukraine?

What are the impacts to the supply chain?

Other ways to help:

  • Follow Procure4Peace on LinkedIn and share it within your network
  • Use #procure4peace in your procurement and Ukraine related posts
  • If you have any information and/resources to provide direct help, please email [email protected] is maintained by ProcureTech, Sievo and a growing number of volunteers.
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We are 100% volunteer based and a not-for-profit initiative.